Sensitivity Enhanced Interdigitated electrodes design for biochip detection


Micro biochip for disease diagnostics with enhanced Sensitivity and Specificity

NJIT Case No. 17-032 and 17-033


Inventors: Eon Soo Lee, Bharath Babu Nunna


Intellectual Property & Development status: Patent protection is pending.

NJIT is currently seeking commercial partners for the further development and commercialization of this opportunity.


Technology Brief:

Researchers at New Jersey Institute of Technology in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering have invented a Micro Biochip to diagnose the complex diseases with enhanced sensitivity and specificity.


The invention is an inexpensive biochip, which takes advantages of an innovative electrical circuit to generate the individual signal response for individual biomarkers at pico and sub pico level and to detect the targeted biomolecules with enhanced specificity. Further, panel of biomarkers can be detected from a single specimen in a single test. The invention is a platform technology with numerous applications in the field of medicine and diagnostics.



•       Disease diagnosis

•       Detection of drug efficiency

•       Drug delivery evaluation

•       Lab-on-the chip technology

•       Self-monitoring kits (diabetes, pregnancy etc.)



•       Inexpensive

•       Instantaneous Result

•       Enhanced Sensitivity

•       Enhanced Specificity

•       Platform Technology


Inventors Bio:

Eon Soo Lee, Assistant Professor at NJIT, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department: Dr. Lee has received his PHD (2007) and MS (2004) at Stanford University, and his BS (1999) at Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea, all in Mechanical Engineering. He is also serving as Director of Advanced Energy Systems and Microdevices Laboratory- an academic research laboratory dedicated to the energy researches and microdevices technologies including biomedical device researches. He has extensive research experiences on particle transportation in flow dynamics in both academia and industries including Stanford University and NJIT, and Samsung R&D Center as a Principal Research Engineer and Group Leader. Most recently, as a Principal Investigator (PI) and Group Leader in R&D Center at Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Dr. Lee achieved the impressive technology development and was awarded with prestigious Samsung Technology Award in 2011, International TechConnect Innovation Award in 2017, and Defense Innovation Award in 2017.

Dr. lee has 38 patent disclosures submitted (29 patents granted & 13 patents in process) on energy systems and Microdevices applications. He has also served as an organizer for many international conferences. He served as President of NY Metro Chapter of Korean American Scientist Engineers Association in 2016-2017 and chaired Northeast Region Conference in 2017.


Bharath Babu Nunna, PhD Candidate at NJIT, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department: Mr. Bharath Babu Nunna a PHD candidate of Dr. Lee research group and has an extensive background in air filtration devices with chemical bio-agent reaction and sensing technologies. Prior to joining this research team, he worked in Caterpillar Inc. for more than 6 years as a Design Engineer. He has been working with Dr. Lee on various projects over 4years.



Patent Information:
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Simon Nynens
VP, Business Incubation
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Eon Soo Lee
Bharath Babu Nunna
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