Communication Efficient Secret Sharing


Communication efficient secret sharing


NJIT Docket # 15-038

Inventors: Joerg Kliewer, Michael Langberg, Jehoshua Bruck, Wentao Huang


Intellectual Property & Development status: US Patent Protection is pending.

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Technology Brief:

Researchers at New Jersey Institute of Technology in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering have invented a novel solution that improves the communication efficiency of secret sharing schemes.


A secret sharing scheme is a method to distribute shares to parties such that only authorized subsets of parties can reconstruct the secret. The central problem is how to minimize the total amount of communication between the user and the parties when the user wants to reconstruct the secret by downloading information from a set of parties. Current secret sharing schemes are not efficient in terms of the communication overhead due to the paradigm of decoding from a minimum set of parties. The invention let the user to download from more (than the necessary number of) parties and therefore reduces the amount of communicated data. In addition, the proposed communication efficient secret sharing schemes also improve disk access complexity during decoding.



•       Cloud Services

•       Secure Communication



•       Improves communication efficiency

•       Improves disk access efficiency


Inventors Bio:

Joerg Kliewer is an associate professor in the Helen and John C. Hartmann Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. His current research interests include error correcting codes, network information theory, communication networks, secure communication, and applications of information theory in biology. He has served on numerous conference technical program committees. He was a member of the editorial board of the EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing from 2005-2008, an associate editor of the IEEE Transactions on Communications from 2008-2014, and is an area editor for the IEEE Transactions on Communications (Source-Channel Coding and Signal Processing Area) since 2015. He is also an Associate Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Information Theory since 2017 and a Senior Member of IEEE.



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