Noninvasive Blood Glucose Meter


NJIT Case No. 12-034

Noninvasive Blood Glucose Meter


Inventors: Atam P Dhawan


Intellectual Property & Development status: US Patent Protection is pending.

NJIT is currently seeking commercial partners for the further development and commercialization of this opportunity.


Technology Brief: Researchers at New Jersey Institute of Technology in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering have invented a non-invasive, portable, wearable device for continuous glucose monitoring and electronic reporting.

Current glucose meters are invasive and painful therefore, patients have low compliance of regular monitoring of blood glucose causing poor patient care, higher health complications leading to stroke and cardiac deaths, and higher healthcare costs. The current invention is non-invasive and uses multi-spectral optical and near-infrared wavelengths based illumination and absorption measurements to estimate blood glucose in situ without need of blood taken from the body. Additionally, the blood glucose can be continuously monitored and real-time data can be transmitted through Wi-Fi to a smart phone, cloud computer, Electronic Health Record server or a nursing station for immediate healthcare response.



•       Blood glucose measurement



•       Non-invasive

•       Low cost

•       Continuous monitoring

•       Electronic recording

•       Real-time data transmission


Inventors Bio:

Atam Dhawan is Distinguished Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering and Vice Provost for Research and Development at NJIT.  Dr. Dhawan is an elected Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors (NAI), Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE), Fellow of the American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE), and Fellow of the International Federation of Medical and Biological Engineering (IFMBE) for his contributions in medical imaging and image analysis, and healthcare innovations. He has published over 215 research papers and book chapters. He has also authored and co-authored several books in medical imaging, and image analysis. He is a recipient of numerous awards including Martin Epstein Award (1984), NIH FIRST Award (1988), Sigma-Xi Young Investigator Award (1992), IEEE EMBS Early Career Achievement Award (1995), Doermann Distinguished Lecture Award (1999) and EMBS Distinguished Lecturer award (2012-2013). He has served as the Conference Chair of the IEEE 28th International Conference of Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, New York (2006). He has also served as the Senior Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, Editorial Board Member for International Journal of Pattern Recognition, and steering committee member for IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging.  Currently, Dr. Dhawan serves as the Editor-In-Chief of the IEEE Journal of Translational Engineering in Health and Medicine.  He is the founding chair of the IEEE EMBS technical committee on Translational Engineering and Healthcare Innovations. He has organized and chaired the IEEE-EMBS International Conferences on Point-of-Care Technologies and Healthcare Innovation in Bangalore, India (2013), and in Seattle (2014), and co-chaired the NIH-IEEE Strategic Conference on Point-of-Care Technologies for Precision Medicine held at the NIH NIAID Conference Center, Bethesda in 2015. He served as the conference chair of 2016 IEEE-NIH Conference on Healthcare Innovation and Point-of-Care Technologies held in Cancun and 2017 IEEE-NIH Special Topics Conference on Healthcare Innovation and Point-of-Care Technologies: Technology in Translation held at the NIH Natcher Conference Center, Bethesda from November 6 through November 8, 2017.


Dr. Dhawan has chaired numerous NIH special emphasis and review panels including the NIH Chartered Study Section on Biomedical Computing and Health Informatics (2008-11). His research interests lie in medical imaging, medical image analysis, point-of-care technologies, pattern recognition and computer-aided-diagnosis.




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Atam Dhawan
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